Who We Are

Digital Dyos is a blog with the aim to assist businesses, freelancers and students embark upon their digital journeys.

At Digital Dyos we upload our content on a fortnightly basis to ensure that we can still provide brilliant quality without keeping our readers waiting. In the meantime, feel free to connect with us on our social pages.

Why We Are Here

In 2013, our founder began to explore the online digital world. She started out with no experience or knowledge about the digital sector and used various resources, including Codecademy Udemy and blogs like our own to build up her knowledge and understanding about the online world.

Skipping ahead to 2017, after all the skills the internet has provided her, our founder would like to give something back.

Although we are self-taught here at Digital Dyos, we wish to provide as much information as we can from our hands-on experience. Qualifications are brilliant if you have access to them, however if you are truly passionate about learning knowledge is accessible to all and we want to help.

Our Future Plans

Whilst we are in our early days, we have big plans for the future to come. Here at Digital Dyos we are always learning something new and wish to be able to share it with all the other individuals who are passionate about web design, graphic design and digital marketing.

Eventually we want to have a YouTube channel, be able to expand our team, provide web-seminars, make appearances at conferences and national networking events.

In the meantime, as readers you can expect helpful guides, info-graphics, Q&A’s, updates on digital trends and so much more.